“Chris Collins is a seasoned professional and is always my first choice when needing a good drummer for a tour or shoot.  He learns the songs quickly and plays them back exactly as I need them.  He is punctual with call times and doesn’t complain if it runs over.  Chris is always super friendly to fans and is a team player.  He plays his role well and nothing is more important than not having to babysit a player when organizing a big project.”  
-Johnny Lee, “Hotel Lobby”

“Chris is a professional drummer who knows a myriad of styles and techniques and is also a stand-up guy with attention to details, deadlines and a fair price.  He is a clear communicator which makes practices, learning, load-in, and show events go seamlessly.  Chris learned an entire set list of progressive music and played flawlessly at the show with only 2 or 3 rehearsals.  I loved how he both listened to my vision but also offered a healthy amount of suggestions to make our band much better than it would’ve been without him.  I’ve worked with at least a dozen drummers in the LA area and Chris is the “keeper.”

-Ryan Lee, ”The Pitch”



“Chris Collins is an engineer’s dream. Not only is he an exceptional drummer, which makes my job ten times easier, he is a charismatic dude who is easy to work with and willing to experiment. With Chris, doing punch ins and outs was a breeze, and it allowed us to create some really interesting drum parts. It was obvious from the get go that this man LIVES drumming. He’d be a vital asset to any project. “

-Andy Marshall, Studio Engineer “The Residency”



“Chris Collins is an awesome drummer to work with, not only is he extremely solid with the click track in the studio (The guys a human metronome!) He also brings HUGE energy to the stage behind the kit, energy other drummers need to take note of!”

-Wesley Avery, Producer



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